New Era Humans

The Multimedia Neo Sci-fi Series

“Two goddesses rescue men from the female misandrist tyranny.”


From a suppressed galactic legend...

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New Era Humans: Slaughter At The Silk Market is the first multimedia sci-fi eBook. Read the story of the two legendary young women, one green-headed and another redheaded, saving a handsome artiste from a gynocentric misandrist troop endangering him. Kindle version is available on!

A popular ePUB version can be found in many bookstores around the world: 

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Synopsis (Book 1): Despite heresy accusations, two beautiful goddesses, one with long red hair, one with green, rescue a handsome man who is under siege from galactic female supremacists.

N.E.H. Sci-fi Series: Slaughter At The Silk Market

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N.E.H. Sci-fi Series: Pre-released Introduction Leaflet: Slaughter At The Silk Market

A six-page multimedia leaflet introduces the contents and all aspects of our eBook: New Era Humans--Slaughter At The Silk Market.

N.E.H. Sci-fi Series: Rescue The Tragedy - The Boys In An Underground Cave

Synopsis (Book 2): Female supremacists govern boys to spend their lives in an underground cave. A lost-her-way goddess risks misandrist ire to save those boys from this fate.


This is the book 2 in the New Era Humans (NEH) sci-fi series, in production. Stay tuned! 

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